Maternity Clothes Full of life!

With pregnancy, your life becomes multiple. Y-dress? clothes accompany you before, during and after your pregnancy, through all your metamorphoses!

Magic. You have to try them to believe them: practical yet feminine dresses, flattering skirts that evolve along with your body, cuts that show off your curves, fabrics as soft and stretchy as you’ve always dreamed of … Everything is possible!

Full of surprises. A long skirt one day, a short one the next…
Whether you feel like a proud mum or an urban princess, whether you feel glowing, sensuous or laid-back: you are spoilt for choice. One garment can turn into many: have fun turning them inside out, layering them, combining them, transforming them… however you fancy.

In motion. Light, airy, evanescent. Your body and mind will love the soft, light, crease-free, easily washable fabrics. They will follow you through all your activities, adapting to your rhythm. Feel great, in every situation, for nine months and beyond!


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