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cycling clothing

Is it rain or sunshine? You decide. Is the sky gray? Never mind. Pull out your rainbow. Switch on the colours. Neon yellow, bold black, zest green and cheerful orange, a cocktail of vibrant, luscious colours to brighten your day! Turn them inside out, depending on the atmosphere.

Will it be hot tomorrow?

Unfurl your wings ahead of the fine weather and take a breath of fresh air. Whether you choose wear light or dark colours, you will be vibrant and radiant.

Like an urban mermaid, you are at home in any element. Discover the beach hidden under the asphalt. Our forecast for this season? You’ll be able to change and pack in no time, and take the fair weather with you.

Our cycling clothing is a nomadic, multiple-choice concept, fabrics that are comfortable and easy to care for the bicycle, designs that are flatteringly feminine and transformable, colours that are cheerful and easy to combine, and little details that are both practical and playful.