15 novembre 2018 - Défilé Parade to Aleksandra


+ Un joyeux défilé Y-dress? (dont VOUS serez les mannequins)…

+ Une rétrospective de l’oeuvre d’Aleks…

+ Un cocktail en fanfare…

+ Une mini-vente aux enchères au profit d’Oxfam…

+ Une rencontre entre tous ses amis, ses clients ses collègues…

et plus encore !!!

Un hommage à Aleks notre créatrice, notre amie.

Rejoins-nous le 15 Novembre 2018 à 19h au MAD à Bruxelles !

Dresscode: en Y-dress évidemment ! Les autres:  en Black&White.

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Y-dress? convertible clothing

all-terrain, all-occasion clothes…

Convertible, multifunctional, transformable, reversible all-terrain, all-occasion clothes… Less baggage, more options, a miracle for city nomads.

Y-dress? is a clothing brand with a nomadic, multiple-choice concept, fabrics that are comfy, soft, stretchy and easy to care for, designs that are flatteringly feminine and transformable and the colours that are cheerful and easy to combine and little details that are both practical and playful.

Y-dress? enthusiastically cultivates the art of turning preconceived ideas (and clothes) upside-down and inside-out! One garment can morph, adapt, appear, or vanish in the twinkling of an eye. Rain or sunshine? You decide. Is the sky grey? Never mind. Pull out your rainbow. Switch on the colours. Have fun transforming! See it, use it, experiment with it! Change and pack in no time, travel light and take the fair weather with you! A Happy life philosophy…

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who is Y-dress?

aleksandra paszkowska designer ydress

Y-dress? was created in 1996, and its first shop opened in the designer heart of Brussels, rue Antoine Dansaert, in 2003. Y-dress? clothes are made in Europe, available in multibrand boutiques in several large European cities, and worldwide through the online shop www.ydress.com

Aleksandra Paszkowska, the designer of Y-dress?,  is of Polish origin, lives and works in Brussels. She’s fun to talk to in any of the 7 languages – she’s been living in Poland, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium. She wears her own designs, rides a bicycle and frequently travels around the world.

a wonderful team

aleksandra paszkowska

Aleks is the brain and the soul behind Y-dress?

lara of Y-dress?

Lara is our pattern designer and takes care of our beloved german-speaking customers

marion of Y-dress?

Marion design patterns. She is our administration manager and takes care of our french speaking customers.

audrey of Y-dress?

Audrey is our preffered and beloved model for the Y-dress? usage intructions.