Multifunctional Convertible Clothing

all-terrain, all-occasion clothes...

Convertible means multifunctional, transformable, modifiable. Less baggage, more options, it’s a miracle for city nomads.

My dress is my wardrobe.  Convert your skirt into a party dress in a whip of a zip. A pair of trousers becomes a T-shirt, or was that the other way round?  Make it a dress for all seasons by detaching the sleeves. A towel becomes a beach dress with a pocket which becomes a bag which wraps it all up. Your clothes can be a playground for your every whim. See it, use it, experiment with it.

Y-dress? invents real reasons to get dressed – a happy label with a witty, socially-aware take on life’s ironies. With designs for those who want their clothes to be beautiful, playful, easy and mobile. Y-dress? enthusiastically cultivates the art of finding new angles – turning preconceived ideas (and clothes) upside-down and inside-out.  A Happy life philosophy.

aleksandra paszkowska

Aleksandra Paszkowska, the designer of Y-dress?,  lives and works in Brussels, but she’s fun to talk to in any language – she’s had long stopovers in Poland, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium.